What To Expect
Your First Appointment

Welcome to your first consultation with First Ortho. We hope this page can answer your questions about your first visit, which usually lasts around 1 hour.

Upon arrival, Dr Patel will invite you in for a chat so he can get to know you.
He will ask some questions regarding your concerns about your teeth and your aims for treatment. To provide the highest quality orthodontic care, getting to know your story and your preferred outcome is very important. He will ask how orthodontics can fit into your lifestyle or school schedule; this will allow for a stable treatment plan with a practical time frame.

Here are some questions to consider before your consultation:

– What concerns you about the current position of your teeth?
– What changes do you feel are necessary?
– On a scale of 1 to 10, how close to the ideal result would you like to aim?
– Does the appearance of the brace matter to you?
– Are you working with a specific timeline or budget?

Next, Dr Patel will take photographs of your teeth and mouth from various angles and distances. This may seem daunting but it’s a key step to finding out the best ways he can help you achieve that perfect smile.

It will then be time to get in the dentist chair for a short examination and a few more photographs. All these photographs will be included in the eventual report. He will also need to take some X-rays and 3D scans of your teeth, to get the most information about your teeth to help form a treatment plan. These too will be included in the report.

You and Dr Patel will then discuss the best type of braces and treatment tailored for you. During this time, fees will also be discussed. This will also be a chance for Dr Patel to show you some previous cases which may be similar to yours, showing you the before and after images so you can see the potential outcomes and improvements in appearance and oral health.

If you decide to proceed with treatment, we will schedule the preparation of a report. This is a comprehensive document about your orthodontic plan. Copies are sent to your dentist and anyone else that is to be involved with your oral health care. This report serves as a blueprint for preparing everything before your braces are fitted. The cost of the report is £140. The appointments to fit your braces are scheduled according to your orthodontic plan.

Thank you for booking a consultation at FIRST Ortho, we look forward to meeting you and being of service.


How do you feel about the shape and size of your teeth?

Most people will seek orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth that are currently out of position, but looking into the finer details of what treatment can do for you will show just how much orthodontics can achieve.

Do you feel your teeth are too small? Perhaps you have looked at them and found them to be slightly too long for your liking. These can be altered with the use of orthodontics.

At the end of treatment, some clients will opt for cosmetic bonding – in which the teeth are filed down slightly and built up again to change their shape. The final push for achieving your perfect smile.

For more information, see our page on cosmetic bonding.


How important is your time?

We understand that your time is valuable and life can be demanding, with anything from work and school to important life events. It seems we are forever caught in the traffic of time – particularly in London.

Luckily, efficiency in orthodontic treatment is one of our hallmarks and reflects our dedication to respecting your schedule and helping you achieve a confident smile without sacrificing other aspects of your life. We do this by keeping your end result in mind, designing your braces to working efficiently, finding flexible solutions, responding to queries and any emergencies in a timely manner.

Travelling to us is easy and we have flexible weekend schedules. By choosing us, we strive to create a minimal impact into your timeline and provide streamlined treatment plans with minimal appointments that align with your busy schedule without compromising your other responsibilities.


Have you ever considered teeth whitening?

Not only can FIRST Ortho change the alignment and shape of your teeth with orthodontics, but we can also give your teeth a beautiful shine.

Naturally, the dentin of a tooth is slightly yellow, but over time such things as diet and smoking can cause your teeth to stain.

We provide a tooth whitening program in which gel is applied to a special retainer and worn regularly, which will gradually restore the pearly shimmer to your teeth.

At the end of treatment, some clients will take part in this program to move even closer towards their perfect smile.

For more information, see our page on teeth whitening.


Does the appearance of a brace matter to you?

For some clients, particularly adults, the appearance of a brace is a significant factor.

Although steel braces are cost-effective and commonly used, we also provide the invisible lingual braces which are placed at the back of the teeth, as well as clear ceramic braces that are less noticeable due to their tooth-coloured brackets.

There are many other factors to consider when choosing your brace. These can include treatment time, the desired final result and the overall cost of treatment.


On a scale of 1-10, what is the end result you are looking for?

While it’s important to have a plan and strive for excellence, relentlessly pursuing “perfection” may not always be wise.

This approach can significantly impact treatment duration, require advanced or invasive procedures that may not be necessary, and increase costs. We value and respect your goals and personal perception of beauty.

Our treatment plans are customized to ensure a naturally beautiful outcome while considering your concerns and biological characteristics. We aim to provide the highest quality within the framework of your individual needs. We minimize the use of cosmetic bonding, veneers, and extensive makeovers, as these may require periodic maintenance over time. Nothing compares to the natural beauty and biological compatibility of ones own teeth.


How do you feel about your bite?

A question we ask our clients which can sometimes stump them momentarily is how they feel about their bite. You’ve probably heard the terms overbite and underbite, but what do they mean?

If someone has an overbite their front teeth drape over their lower teeth. On the other hand if someone is suffering with an underbite, their bottom teeth will sit in front of their upper teeth. Both can lead to joint and cosmetic issues.

They are not the only bite problems; a crossbite is found in those who have certain upper teeth that do not align with the lower ones. Another bite problem that someone could seek treatment for is an open bite, where a large open gap between the top and bottom front teeth can cause speech and chewing problems.


What Our Patients Say

Whilst we have treated over 33,000 patients since 1988, here are some recent testimonails.

Fatima Awow
I highly recommend Dr Patel and First Ortho!

For anyone that is considering orthodontics, regardless of age, I highly recommend Dr Patel and First Ortho! I was actually a patient here almost 10 years ago and I decided to revisit due to their high quality of care.

Claire Franklin
I feel so lucky to have Mr Patel.

I personally don’t think you really wont find another orthodontist as exceptional as Mr Patel. I would recommend him and his team to anyone and will use him for both my children when they need treatment.

Claudia Leachman
Dr Patel & his team couldn’t do more for me!

The change in my teeth already is amazing (especially my lower arch) and I’d recommend this practise to anyone looking for a highly talented orthodontist.

Paris Rathore
I personally recommend him

Dr Patel has been my orthodontist for years and I personally recommend him as he is the best at what he does. How he cares for your teeth and the excellence in the whole orthodontist surgery itself.

Life-saving for my teeth

The advice & tips given was life-saving for my teeth and guided me on Proper Oral Healthcare. 10/10 Orthdontist, defo recommended!

Always so welcoming & very thorough

My son can see my beaming smile instead of me covering my face, hiding what used to be my biggest insecurity. So thankful for all of Dr Patels care & service.


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