Invisalign – things to look out

January 2, 2023by Mahesh Patel


Invisalign is a popular request in adults for its convenience.  It is also popular with operators because it saves on clinical time, it can be supervised by therapists and requires little specialist equipment. It also requires no skilful wire changes and bracket placement or dealing with broken components. But, therein also lies some of the fundamental weaknesses.

So, how good are aligners?

Here are two recent research articles which provide insight:

Article 1: SUMMARY  Link below

  1. 17.2% required a hybrid approach. This means a fixed brace was required in addition to Invisalign.
  2. 94% required refinements beyond the predicted results.
  3. 41% required 3 or more refinements.
  4. 64 was the average number of aligners.
  5. 23 months was the average length of  treatment. This exceeded the projected treatment length by 5 months.

Invisalign is just one type of brace. Providing some of the shortcoming, See part II below, it can be used in the more simple cases. Otherwise one needs to plan for additional fixed braces and the extra time and costs.

Article 2: SUMMARY  Link below

  1. They found that the mean accuracy of Invisalign for all tooth movement was 50%.
  2. There were 74% designated as passing.
  3. Although Invisalign appliances have got better, some forms of tooth movement are still difficult for them to correct.

This group’s treatment period was 8.5 months as opposed to 23 months in Professor Fleming’s research, indicating that the therapies were just for minor anomalies.

So, to answer : ‘How good it is really?’

Depending on the nature of your initial issue:

  1. The more severe is, the less suitable is Invisalign.
  2. The more exacting and more value your end result in mind, the more you should consider fixed braces.
  3. Be ready for a lengthy procedure and have a plan for getting onto with fixed braces at the end if necessary. Be mindful of additional time and costs with this option.


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