Before and After

These photographs show the transformative power of modern orthodontics and how our treatments have helped many adults achieve the smiles they deserve.

Before & After PhotosAdult

These images highlight the transformative power of orthodontics, showing how we’ve helped numerous adults achieve the confident smiles they’ve always desired.

In just 4 short months, this client’s tooth was aligned perfectly using a Damon clear brace.

This client opted for the invisible Incognito brace, which has slightly longer treatment times. In 21 months, his smile was transformed and both his upper and lower teeth were harmoniously aligned.

Using fixed braces, this smile was transformed in just 12 months. This client completed her orthodontics in 1994.

It took just 12 months to completely transform this client’s smile.

In just 13 months, we gave this client a fantastic makeover. This result was with metal braces.

In just under 12 months this client’s teeth were aligned beautifully with the help of an Incognito brace.

Before & After PhotosTeenage and Children

These photos show some younger clients we’ve seen and transformed their smiles with our treatment.

Hana Majad

After a 15 month treatment, this client chose to have cosmetic bonding. Using this, her teeth achieved a wonderful symmetry.

A shocking transformation in just 13 months of treatment!

In a short 8 months, this client’s underbite was corrected.

This client had severe teeth crowding, but with the help of a metal brace – his new smile was achieved in only 15 months!

this client had interceptive treatment from the age of 11 until she was 15. A long and challenging treatment, but an incredibly positive result.

A truly extraordinary 14 months of treatment gave this client the smile he had always deserved.

Using metal braces, this client’s teeth were aligned and his reverse bite corrected in just 13 months.

Zubair Ashraf

Protrusion of the upper teeth makes them 6x more vulnerable to damage. Luckily, with the help of a metal brace, this client’s teeth were aligned and out of harm’s way.

In 5 months, this client’s protruding teeth were aligned and he could grow up with a new found confidence in his perfect smile.


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