Gum Recession - A Massive Problem

The problem with gum recession is that gum regeneration is one of the most difficult aspects in dentistry. While we can fix broken down teeth, it is not the same with gum disease.


Why Looking After Your Gums is Better Than Looking After Your Teeth

'Once the gum is gone, its gone forever'
Gum recession is lowering of the gum height. Gum disease is defined as gum inflammation often characterised by gum bleeding.


The problem with gum recession is that once the gum is gone, its gone forever. Regenerating lost gums is close to impossible.

With modern day emphasis of electric brushes and over brushing teeth, comes the hidden danger of gum recession. Despite ‘sensors’ on the teeth to stop overbrushing, how can you tell the setting is right for you?
Recession due to Over Brushing

What we Advise Our Patients

Almost all of our patients can attain a high standard of dental health with manual tooth brushes, even with fixed braces in place.

The key factors are:

  1. The duration of brushing. It normally takes 20 small, tight wiggles between the teeth with a soft brush to loosen the plaque.
  2. Interdental monitoring with Tepe Interdental points as shown by us. If there is bleeding, it is the first sign of gum disease. Use CURASEPT gel twice a day for 5-10 days from BOTH sides of the teeth till the bleeding stops. Continue to 3 more days.
  3. Maintain gum health as advised by us.
  4. Go back the the curasept if bleeding starts.
  5. Quick hard scrubbing is bad for gums. Be gentle and take your time.
  6. Size and type of brush. These MUST be small. We recommend a small headed baby brush age 0-3 or 3-5 as advised by us for you specially.
  7. Supplementary aids such as interdental brushes for larger spaces can be an enormous help. We will advise depending on individual needs.

Getting the right balance:

With good care of the gums and excellent orthodontics the long term improvement can reap long term benefits. See before and after images below:

Gum recession improvement with orthodontics
Gum Recession Improvement with Orthodontics
Gum recession improvement with orthodontics
Gum Recession Improvement with Orthodontics

What Would You Suggest?

One might want to consider the use of the ULTA sonic brushes.

With may brushes claiming to be ‘ultra-sonic’, save yourself hassle and get the original and the best: PHILLIPS SONI-CARE. They are expensive – but just get the basic version. If necessary, wait for a price drop to below £100. Use it like a ‘hover craft’ – without touching the teeth or gums so recession is minimised.


How do ULTRA-Sonic Toothbrushes Work?

If the toothbrush doesn’t touch your teeth, how does it clean them?

High frequency oscillations causes cavitation of the water creating large and quick pressure pressure changes in very small areas. This causes bacteria to degrade and debris to lift off away the teeth.
Physics of Cavitation Implosion
Physics of cavitation Implosion Applied to Teeth Cleaning

For better understanding how these work visit: Ultra Sonic and SonicToothbrushes