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Orthodontist ChingfordWe pride ourselves on being the most experienced and knowledgeable, as well as the friendliest orthodontist practice in the local area of Chingford, a reputation consistently echoed by our satisfied patients.

FIRST Ortho is located just 1.9 miles away from Chingford Station and is merely an eight-minute drive away.

We’re also a seven-minute walk from Buckhurst Hill Underground Station, so we’re really easy to find.

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Wide range of orthodontic treatments

Orthodontist ChingfordFIRST Ortho’s Buckhurst Hill practice offers a wide range of orthodontic treatments to help dental patients with different needs. 

Orthodontic dentistry isn’t just about how your teeth look when you smile, although FIRST Ortho knows that’s important. It’s also very important to straighten misaligned teeth to maintain their structure and health, as well as your comfort.

Misaligned teeth – also known as maloccluded teeth – can develop unusual wear patterns, which over time can weaken teeth, leading to cracks and even breakages due to abnormal stresses. 

Orthodontist ChingfordMisaligned teeth can also be harder to keep clean, so there’s an increased risk of decay and, eventually, tooth loss.At FIRST Ortho, we recognise that a beautiful smile starts with good dental hygiene, so we’ll always offer advice and you can ask us anything, or you can find out more about cleaning your teeth here.

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What Our Patients Say

Here’s what some of our Chingford orthodontic patients have to say about us.

I highly recommend Dr Patel and First Ortho!
Fatima Awow

For anyone that is considering orthodontics, regardless of age, I highly recommend Dr Patel and First Ortho! I was actually a patient here almost 10 years ago and I decided to revisit due to their high quality of care.

I feel so lucky to have Mr Patel.
Claire Franklin

I personally don’t think you really wont find another orthodontist as exceptional as Mr Patel. I would recommend him and his team to anyone and will use him for both my children when they need treatment.

Dr Patel & his team couldn’t do more for me!
Claudia Leachman

The change in my teeth already is amazing (especially my lower arch) and I’d recommend this practise to anyone looking for a highly talented orthodontist.

I personally recommend him
Paris Rathore

Dr Patel has been my orthodontist for years and I personally recommend him as he is the best at what he does. How he cares for your teeth and the excellence in the whole orthodontist surgery itself.

Life-saving for my teeth

The advice & tips given was life-saving for my teeth and guided me on Proper Oral Healthcare. 10/10 Orthdontist, defo recommended!

Always so welcoming & very thorough

My son can see my beaming smile instead of me covering my face, hiding what used to be my biggest insecurity. So thankful for all of Dr Patels care & service.

Our range of orthodontic services

If you’re looking for orthodontic braces, then come to us as we offer:


Orthodontist ChingfordCeramic braces: which offer older teens and adult patients a more discreet way to bring their teeth into alignment

Functional braces: which correct a bite problem known as overjet and which only a small number of UK orthodontists offer

Incognito lingual braces: which sit behind the teeth, making them even more discreet than ceramic braces

Orthodontist ChingfordInvisalign braces: a popular – and less invasive – choice for children and adults with mild misalignment.

Bonded and removable retainers: which correct and maintain the arch shape of a set of teeth; FIRST Ortho makes retainers which can cover up to eight teeth rather than the usual four to six

Steel and Damon braces: which are popular with younger children and which offer lots of flexibility and room for adjustment

Cosmetic Treatments

We offer cosmetic dental as well as orthodontic treatments:

Composite bonding and orthodontics

Cosmetic bonding: Dr Mahesh Patel is a cosmetic bonding expert. Cosmetic bonding is an ideal treatment for putting the finishing touches on your smile as it fills in gaps and restores the appearance of discoloured or chipped teeth.

Teeth whitening: A popular choice for our orthodontic patients is teeth whitening. Some people have naturally darker teeth and some find that strongly-coloured drinks like coffee and red wine leave their marks over the years. 

As long as the discolouration isn’t caused by dental decay, FIRST Ortho can gently lift the colour of your teeth by a few shades, bringing you a brighter smile and increased confidence.

Schedule a commitment-free consultation with our specialist orthodontists to explore your treatment options.

Receive £90 cashback when your treatment begins!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is FIRST Ortho’s Buckhurst Hill practice easy to get to?

Yes, the practice is at 102-104 Queen’s Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex IG9 5BS. FIRST Ortho is a seven-minute walk from Buckhurst Hill Underground Station. 

Our location is also on several local bus routes and we have on-road parking outside the practice.

Do you offer weekend appointments for school children?

FIRST Ortho is open from 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and is close to local schools, so an afternoon appointment shouldn’t interrupt your child’s schooling.

Can you treat nervous dental patients?

FIRST Ortho welcomes nervous patients and has helped many over the years. The atmosphere of our practice is so relaxing and different from the average orthodontist that people feel that they’re in a spa!

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