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Orthodontist RomfordFIRST Ortho is one of the top-rated, most knowledgeable and most experienced orthodontic practices close to Romford.

We’re also among the friendliest and most welcoming orthodontists you’ll find anywhere – just have a look below at what our patients have to say about us.

Located at 102-104 Queen’s Road, Buckhurst Hill, which is a half-hour drive or train ride from Romford.

We’re a seven-minute walk from Buckhurst Hill Underground Station, so we’re really easy to find.

Receive £90 cashback when treatment commences.

Getting to us?

If you’re driving to FIRST Ortho, we have on-road parking outside the practice  or you can park in the nearby Queen’s Road car park.

There are also lots of buses to Buckhurst Hill, many of which stop at both ends of Queen’s Road so you can be with us in a couple of minutes once you get to your stop.

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Making Romford’s smiles better

Orthodontist RomfordFIRST Ortho’s offers a comprehensive range of orthodontic and cosmetic dental procedures to help patients of all ages with their dental needs.

On the surface, orthodontics might seem to be all about making your smile more beautiful and while this is a hugely important aspect of what we do, there’s so much more to this branch of dentistry.

Orthodontics is about your health as well as your smile

Orthodontist RomfordIf you have misaligned teeth, whether they’re at the front or the back of your jaw, it’s important to bring them into line to maintain their structure and long-term health.

While misalignment in your front teeth – your incisors and canines – is more visible and might seem more serious because of this, a misalignment or malocclusion can be serious wherever it is.

Maloccluded teeth are subject to unusual wear patterns which can be excessive on some of the tooth surfaces. Over time, this excess wear can weaken your teeth and can cause damage such as cracks and breakages.

Schedule a commitment-free consultation with our specialist orthodontists to explore your treatment options.

Receive £90 cashback when your treatment begins!

Misaligned teeth can be harder to clean

Orthodontist RomfordMisaligned teeth aren’t just at risk of abnormal stresses as you chew your food, but they can also be harder to keep clean. Some misalignments involve teeth that are set back or recessed behind their neighbours and so can be harder to reach with a toothbrush.

Orthodontist RomfordIf you can’t clean your teeth or some of your teeth thoroughly, then they may be prone to staining. You might also suffer from  dental decay, gum disease and, eventually, tooth loss.At FIRST Ortho we know that the basis of a beautiful smile is good dental hygiene, which means careful and thorough cleaning of your teeth at least twice a day.

We’re always happy to advise you about cleaning your teeth and looking after your gums and if there’s anything a toothbrush or dental floss can’t fix, we’re here for you.

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What Our Patients Say

Here’s what some of our Romford orthodontic patients have to say about us.

Now I have a perfect smile!
Emma Dennehy

Thank you very much for the treatment! My smile and side view has made me even more confident now. Looking at photos from when I was younger you can see a huge difference. The process has definitely been worth it!

Thank you so much for the brilliant result of my teeth!
Aqila Ali

I have a new found confidence in grinning. I hadn’t realised how little time it would take to straighten my teeth – it has been a very rewarding time, most of it effortless. I am so grateful.

I feel so confident.
Jessica Ababio

Thank you very much for my treatment, I am so happy with the result!

He's had such a huge impact on my smile!
Florida Karakushi

I would like to give you a huge thank you for my new teeth, thanks to you I smile much more than I used to, and I am so grateful!

Thank you to all your staff for their patience and kindness
Samuel Witchalls

Thank you very much for all my treatment. Thanks to you, I feel so much happier with my smile which has given me so much confidence.

Seeing how much Dr Patel loves his job, I knew I could rely on him
Vishali Sharma

Thank you for your service and support throughout the treatment, I’ve had such a good experience. Thank you so much!

Services for orthodontic patients

We offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic and cosmetic treatments to people in the Romford area. If you’re in Havering and you’re looking for help with misaligned teeth, bite issues or gaps, come and see us because we have the knowhow and the experience to help you.


Steel bracesBraces are the go-to solution to correct malocclusions, bite problems and irregular spacing so that the teeth are aligned correctly and as evenly balanced on the jaw as possible.

There are several different types of orthodontic brace, to both perform different functions and to suit patients’ individual lifestyles and preferences.

When you come for an assessment at FIRST Ortho, your orthodontist will advise you on the best course of treatment and the best equipment so that you get the best outcome. 

We design, manufacture and supply:

  • Ceramic braces, these use a transparent ceramic material which offers older teens and adult patients a more discreet way to bring their teeth into alignment
  • Functional braces, these braces correct a less common bite problem known as overjet and only a small number of UK orthodontists offer this type of brace
  • Incognito lingual braces, which sit behind the teeth rather than in front of them, making them even more discreet than ceramic braces and therefore popular with teens and adults
  • Invisalign braces, a popular – and far less invasive – choice for children and adults with mild cases of misalignment 
  • Bonded and removable retainers, which correct and maintain the arch shape of a set of teeth; FIRST Ortho makes retainers which can treat up to eight teeth rather than the usual four to six offered by other orthodontists
  • Steel and Damon braces, these are the “train track” braces which are popular with younger children and which offer lots of flexibility and room for adjustment

Cosmetic Treatments

FIRST Ortho offers cosmetic dental treatments as well as orthodontic treatments.

Cosmetic bonding 

Composite bonding and orthodonticsCosmetic bonding is an ideal treatment for putting the finishing touches on your smile as it fills in gaps and restores the appearance of discoloured or chipped teeth. Cosmetic bonding, also known as composite bonding, is much less invasive than veneers or crowns and is totally painless – no drills involved!

FIRST Ortho’s Dr Mahesh Patel is a cosmetic bonding expert. Dr Patel uses specially-selected materials to work with and is an expert at matching the shade and appearance of the composite material to your natural teeth.

Teeth whitening

A popular choice for our Romford orthodontic patients is teeth whitening. Some people have naturally darker teeth and some find that strongly-coloured drinks like coffee and red wine leave their marks over the years. 

As long as the discolouration isn’t caused by dental decay, FIRST Ortho can gently lift the colour of your teeth by a few shades, bringing you a brighter smile and increased confidence. 

Some of our patients find that their tooth colour returns to its “natural” shade after a while, or because their diet and lifestyle has darkened their teeth again. If this happens, our whitening treatments are gentle enough to be repeated without any cause for concern.

Schedule a commitment-free consultation with our specialist orthodontists to explore your treatment options.

Receive £90 cashback when your treatment begins!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your practice easy to get to from Romford?

Yes, just a 25-minute drive from Romford, FIRST Ortho Romford is conveniently located at 102-104 Queen’s Road in Buckhurst Hill. We’re also easily accessible by train, being a mere 30-minute journey from Romford, and we are a 7-minute walk from Buckhurst Hill Underground Station.

Are you equipped to handle patients with dental anxiety?

At FIRST Ortho, we have a track record of successfully treating patients who are apprehensive about dental visits. Our practice offers an atmosphere so calming that it’s often likened to a spa, setting us apart from your typical orthodontic clinic.

Do you offer weekend appointments for school children?

Operating hours for FIRST Ortho are from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Given our proximity to nearby schools, scheduling an afternoon appointment for your child should not interfere with their academic day.

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