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Treatment time: 31 months

Expander and Steel Brace

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KZ 54612-2
KZ 54612-3
KZ 54612-5
KZ 54612-4
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KZ 54612-7
KZ 54612-8
KZ 54612-9

This little girl came to FIRST Ortho when she was 10 with a number of baby teeth in the mouth with the issue of crowding and a bite problem. X-rays showed our concern with her canine teeth impacted in the palate. We helped her through the transition stage and then in her early teens started orthodontics with an expander and then standard steel braces.

This is quite a severe case resolved to a good level with just orthodontics.

Retention is critical on a long-term basis. The end pictures are two years post treatment.

Memorable moments: All the fine detailing to set the bite.

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Treatment Time: 16 months

Expander and Steel Brace

RW 51908-1
RW 51908-2
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RW 51908-5
RW 51908-4
RW 51908-6
RW 51908-7
RW 51908-8
RW 51908-9

Ridwan grew from a quite young boy to adulthood during which time he visited FIRST Ortho.

His treatment took just 16 months during his teenage years and his mature development to a young man was exceptional.

Memorable moment: Meeting with his mother soon after fitting the brace. She wanted the expander removed as he was having difficulty in the first few days. Ridwan listened to our explanation to give it a bit more time. He did and explained to his mum he will be alright – and he was. Something I will always remember.

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Treatment Time: 24 months

Standard Steel Braces


Amanda is a remarkable lady who has a small-time frame for her treatment which we could not fulfil due to the complexity nature of the treatment.

She saw the whole treatment through to the end and what a beautiful result. Functionally the gum recession has reduced on a number of teeth and those at high risk were preserved throughout the treatment. She was always a confident lady though this gave her added confident in her work as a yoga teacher.

Memorable moment: The surprise look when she saw how we managed to close the dark triangles – see above images.

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Treatment Time: 18 months

Ceramic Clear and Steel Brace

ST 46996-1
ST 46996-2
ST 46996-3
ST 46996-6
ST 46996-4b
ST 46996-7b

Simon came to us in his 30’s after undergoing orthodontics with Invisalign. However, he did not like the forward lean of his teeth and its effect on the facial profile. He had already one lower incisor removed as part of the previous treatment.

There was only one mathematical way to correct the lean of the teeth. It involved the replacement of the lower tooth and the more recognised way of four teeth removal and fixed braces. He opted for ceramic braces for cosmetic reasons.

We placed a temporary composite bonded tooth in the lower arch prior to his implant. However, he kept this for many years as he liked the result.

Memorable moment/s: Simon’s option to keep the ‘temporary’ replacement lower tooth for a few years then have an implant.

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Treatment Time: 18 month

Functional and Damon Ultima Brace

AS 65901-1b
AS 65901-2
AS 65901-3c
AS 65901-4
AS 65901-5b
AS 65901-6

This is a beautiful result for the daughter of a follow colleague and friend.

There are two features here that are of interest in the planning:

  1. We wanted to avoid extraction in the lower jaw is this may have created a more convex profile in time.
  2. Our concern for the lower gum which was thin around a lower front tooth.

We planned a two phase approach: a Damon Ultima brace after a functional brace.

The functional brace for 4 months to advance the lower arch and then a Damon brace to gently improve the lower arch shape and create space. By keeping forces low, it allows for better protection of the thin biotype. The region will be monitored long-term for possible specialist periodontist opinion.

Most Memorable moment: Her wonderful co-operation to get this wonderful and rewarding result.

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Treatment Time: 1 month

Simple removable Brace

AP 63735-1
AP 63735-2
AP 63735-3

This is minimalist perfection. With just 1 month of orthodontics with a simple brace and NO FURTHER treatment we corrected a reverse bite (underbite), which caused her jaw to sift to the side, and allowed the lower gums to improve with recession.

She returned 7 years later and her second teeth, although not mathematically perfect, are ‘perfectly acceptable’ both aesthetically and cosmetically.

Most Memorable moment: Meeting her 7 years later.

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Treatment Time: 12 months

Functional Harvold Brace

WS 60316-1b
WS 60316-2b
WS 60316-5b
WS 60316-4
WS 60316-3

Moderate to marked protrusions in children deserve attention for a few reasons:

  1. The aesthetics and possible affect on their development of confidence or self esteem.
  2. Teeth are more prone to damage due to trauma and follow complication with the management.
  3. Intercepted at the right stage, the changes are rapid and remarkable. This window of opportunity gets smaller with increasing age and can be markedly difficult age 15+.
  4. Some may add affect on mouth breathing, facial development, nasal blockages, sleep disturbance, mental development etc etc. We take a more practical view as alarmist overtones is not a good start off point when it is not backed up by evidence based research.

The orthodontics was completed in 12 months and was stable into her teens when permanent dentition treatment is considered.

Most Memorable moment/s: Her lovely smile on meeting at the first visit and meeting her father.

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Treatment Time: 14 months

Ceramic and Steel Braces

JH 66034-1
JH 66034-2
JH 66034-3
JH 66034-4
JH 66034-5
JH 66034-6

It is a very positive outlook for adult males to step forward to undertake orthodontics.

Here we have James in his early 30’s opting to correcting his teeth which always bothered him.

The result exceeded his expectations, and mine, as I did not except the open bite to close so well.

Best of all, made his oral health easier to maintain to a high standard.

Most Memorable moment/s: James’s video testimonial.

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Treatment Time: 15 months

Arch expansion

MA 56699-1
MA 56699-2
MA 56699-3
MA 56699-4
MA 56699-5
MA 56699-6

Arch expansion is an excellent way to correct crossbites and create space without the need for extractions. It is very efficient and achieved in 3-4 months cutting down on treatment times by 30%.

Memorable moment: his photoshoot. Best image being the Black and white seen at the end of the video.

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Treatment Time: 9 months

Steel Braces

CT 53026_1
CT 53026_2
CT 53026_3
CT 53026_5
CT 53026_6
CT 53026_7

As orthodontists we can overlook, or underestimate, the value of our work. Probably as we can get engrossed on a technical levels to ensure a result. Then, someone comes over and says something simple, yet profound, that touches on the very essence to the meaning of our work and being. This is Carmen’s story.

Carmel recently came for a 9 year review. I asked her for a video testimonial and I must say there was a very moving moment which caught me unaware which really underlined the benefit of orthodontics.

Adult tooth movement is similar to teenagers. It can be affected if teeth have been lost either for previous orthodontics or dental health reasons or reduced bone support. We planned a conservative approach which was a wise decision.

The orthodontics was completed in 8 months and was very stable 9 years on.

Most Memorable moment/s: Carmel video testimonial.

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