11 years after orthodontics

11 years after orthodontics
Brace: Fixed metal braces and removable retainers
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11 years after treating this young man, we discover the moving story of how we helped a child growing into a vibrant young man who embraced life to the fullest.

Reflecting on his transformation, he shared, “When I was young, I lacked confidence, but my experience with braces at FIRST Ortho transformed me. I haven’t looked back. Returning after 11 years for a replacement retainer, I was glad to reconnect with Dr. Patel and his team.”

There was more to Abukar story than his orthodontics. Meeting him as a young man he served as an inspiring example of how to face life’s challenges and a reminder never to give up. Bless you Abukar and thank you for sharing your remarkable story of survival.

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