Teenage Damon Ultima and Functional Brace

Treatment Time: 18 month

Functional and Damon Ultima Brace

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This is a beautiful result for the daughter of a follow colleague and friend.

There are two features here that are of interest in the planning:

  1. We wanted to avoid extraction in the lower jaw is this may have created a more convex profile in time.
  2. Our concern for the lower gum which was thin around a lower front tooth.

We planned a two phase approach: a Damon Ultima brace after a functional brace.

The functional brace for 4 months to advance the lower arch and then a Damon brace to gently improve the lower arch shape and create space. By keeping forces low, it allows for better protection of the thin biotype. The region will be monitored long-term for possible specialist periodontist opinion.

Most Memorable moment: Her wonderful co-operation to get this wonderful and rewarding result.

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