Treatment Time: 9 months

Steel Braces

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As orthodontists we can overlook, or underestimate, the value of our work. Probably as we can get engrossed on a technical levels to ensure a result. Then, someone comes over and says something simple, yet profound, that touches on the very essence to the meaning of our work and being. This is Carmen’s story.

Carmel recently came for a 9 year review. I asked her for a video testimonial and I must say there was a very moving moment which caught me unaware which really underlined the benefit of orthodontics.

Adult tooth movement is similar to teenagers. It can be affected if teeth have been lost either for previous orthodontics or dental health reasons or reduced bone support. We planned a conservative approach which was a wise decision.

The orthodontics was completed in 8 months and was very stable 9 years on.

Most Memorable moment/s: Carmel video testimonial.

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