Crossbite and jaw asymmetry

Treatment Time: 9 Months
Brace: Metal Fixed and quadhelix
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At the age of 33, prior to seeing us, this delightful lady received advice that her reverse bite could only be corrected through jaw surgery due to the asymmetry in her lower jaw. From a mathematical standpoint, this approach seems straightforward, directly addressing the root cause of the issue. However, it comes with a radical and high-risk element. A critical question arises: Why alter the entire face if the concern is solely focused on the teeth?

Our philosophy advocates for enhancing facial aesthetics within the established parameters. This introduces a constraint to the treatment, demanding an additional skill set. When successful, navigating these constraints becomes one of the most gratifying aspects of tackling orthodontic challenges.

What was our plan? We mutually agreed on a treatment course involving a quadhelix to widen the upper arch and the application of fixed braces. Remarkably, within just 9 months, the treatment was concluded in 2015 and has since remained stable.

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