Damon braces, Crooked Teeth, Edge Composite Bonding

Treatment Time: 9 Months
Brace: Damon
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Transformative Smiles: Natalie’s Journey to a “Million Dollar” Smile

In a delightful encounter with Natalie, her desire for straighter lower teeth presented an opportunity for her to a positive transformation. Our careful planning focused on enhancing the arch shape without any loss of teeth.

Natalie hadn’t initially envisioned such a remarkable improvement, but in just 9 months, she achieved what she now calls a ‘million-dollar for just £4500’ as she remarked in her testimonial.

We aim to creating something special for each client, often going the extra process without additional costs. This remarkable result stemmed from Natalie choosing to elevate her treatment beyond her initial goals with final refinements with minimal edge composite bonding.

Discover your potential a transformed smile with us at FIRST Ortho. It is usually closer than you think!

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