Damon Ultima, Crooked Teeth, Edge Bonding

Treatment Time: 9 Months
Brace: Damon ULTIMA
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Transformative Smiles: Natalie’s Journey to a “Million Dollar” Smile with Damon Ultima

During her consultation, Natalie expressed her wish for straighter lower teeth. Our treatment plan with Damon Ultima braces aimed at enhancing her arch shape without any tooth extraction, reflecting our commitment to preserving natural beauty.

Initially, Natalie didn’t expect such a significant transformation. However, within just nine months, she achieved what she joyfully describes as a “million-dollar smile” for £4,500. Her results were highlighted in her glowing testimonial..

In addition to the Damon Ultima treatment, Natalie wanted less ’embrasure’ spaces to show. We offered an affordable edge bonding solution for just under £250, far below the typical quote of £4,400 for similar enhancements on eight teeth quoted elsewhere. This approach allowed us to refine her smile further without significant additional costs. More importantly this was a good looking result showing off the natural beauty of her teeth rather than composite veneers – which ultimately will require renewal and additional expense.

A beautiful, confident smile might be closer and more affordable than you think! Explore the possibilities of a transformative smile at FIRST Ortho with an initial consultation.

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