Dark Triangle Orthodontics for Periodontal Disease

Treatment Time: 8 Months
Brace: Metal

A beautiful example of our practical multidisciplinary teamwork between periodontal care, restorative care and orthodontics. This young lady was unfortunate to be affected by by periodontal disease at a relatively young age with drifting of the teeth due to bone loss, gum recession, gaps and dark triangles between the teeth.  Gaps and dark triangles are disliked by patients for poor appearances and cause of food/plaque traps. They are disliked by dentists as they can be a severe challenge  to correct.

After being managed by Rana at AlFa-Perio initially for the important gum and bone treatment she was seen by Ash, at the SmileDesignByAsh,  and ourselves. We arrived at a solution that met her needs to for a better smile, enhancing her periodontal care and addressing her missing teeth.

There are alternative solutions ranging from veneers, Invisalign and composite bonding. However, for the best result the option is clear: no veneers, avoid composite bonding as far as possible and place teeth in the ideal placement for implants. The result is precise and exacting and carried out to a very high quality in just 8 months.

The key to the orthodontic management is the intrusion of the teeth into healthy bone and gum structure which enhances the aesthetics and the provides increased bone support. Ongoing monitoring with a specialist periodontist is essential in these delicate cases. Merely closing the spaces without reshaping the teeth and intrusion of the teeth would not have given this result.

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