Treatment Time: 23 Months
Brace: Metal and Functional
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**Transformative Orthodontic Success: A Life-Changing Journey with Alessandro**

Challenges like this present themselves in isolation. One such remarkable story unfolded when Alessandro, came to our care at the age of 14. He faced a myriad of dental issues, including missing, malformed, and damaged teeth exacerbated by a deep bite. The underdevelopment of his lower jaw contributed significantly to these complications.

Our approach involved employing a functional appliance to alter the ‘fit’ of the teeth and fixed braces to refine their positioning. Alessandro’s exceptional compliance, coupled with unwavering support from his mother, played a pivotal role in achieving the remarkable results we showcase today.

The treatment also included delicate and precise composite bonding. Dr. Denise Walters-Payne, crafted an excellent zirconia etch bridge to address the missing tooth.

The final transformation has stood the test of time, holding up well even five years post-treatment, up to 2023. Such interventions can be truly life-enhancing, particularly for individuals growing and developing through the critical transition from teenage years to adulthood.

On a professional level, choosing orthodontics as our career has proven to be a good decision. Achievements like Alessandro’s transformation reaffirm the impact our work can have on a personal level, making our commitment to orthodontics deeply gratifying. Alessandro and clients like him, leave an enduring impact in my mind.

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