Forward Leaning Teeth & Damon Ultima Brace

Treatment Time: 11 months
Brace: Damon ULTIMA
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A patient shared his concern about his protruding teeth, which he felt gave him an unwanted pout and made his face appear elongated. As an extroverted healthcare professional, confidence is crucial, but he often felt insecure, especially when receiving comments about his appearance.

In just three months of treatment with the Damon ULTIMA brace, he noticed significant improvements that enhanced his self-assurance. By the end of the treatment, detailed adjustments were made to perfect the alignment and slope of his teeth, achieving a remarkable transformation in less than a year.

The Damon ULTIMA brace not only effectively corrected his dental issues but also sported a stylish look he proudly wore. This transformation was accomplished within 11 months, without the loss of any teeth. A testament to the effectiveness of advanced orthodontic solutions by FIRST Ortho and Damon Ultima system.

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