Incognito Brace to fix Sticking out Teeth

Treatment Time: 21 Months
Brace: Incognito
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This young man did not like his upper teeth being too far forwards. This resulted in the lips not coming together and his teeth were always on show. This arrangement of teeth is called ‘bimaxillary proclination’ and it means BOTH the upper and lower teeth lean forward.

In cases like this, the lower teeth will restrict the movement of the upper teeth as they are in the way. To overcome this, the lower teeth need to be moved back along with the upper teeth.

If spaces are present, these can be used to move the teeth. If there are no spaces they need to be created. There are five possible ways to create space. In this instance the loss of four teeth was recommended.

The patient opted for an Incognito brace as he did not want to show the brace during his business meetings.

Incognito brace treatment can be a bit longer. However, when the brace does not show and the teeth are easy to clean – most patients do not mind the length of treatment.

The final result shows a harmonious facial profile which also enabled his lips to stay together. A great result from a technically demanding brace.

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