Lean of the teeth and affect on the facial profile

Treatment Time: 18 months

Ceramic Clear and Steel Brace

ST 46996-1
ST 46996-2
ST 46996-3
ST 46996-6
ST 46996-4b
ST 46996-7b

Simon came to us in his 30’s after undergoing orthodontics with Invisalign. However, he did not like the forward lean of his teeth and its effect on the facial profile. He had already one lower incisor removed as part of the previous treatment.

There was only one mathematical way to correct the lean of the teeth. It involved the replacement of the lower tooth and the more recognised way of four teeth removal and fixed braces. He opted for ceramic braces for cosmetic reasons.

We placed a temporary composite bonded tooth in the lower arch prior to his implant. However, he kept this for many years as he liked the result.

Memorable moment/s: Simon’s option to keep the ‘temporary’ replacement lower tooth for a few years then have an implant.

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