Missing teeth, composite bonding

Treatment Time: 27 Months
Brace: Functional and fixed metal
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Dealing with missing teeth presents distinctive challenges, impacting both aesthetics and brace mechanics.  Achieving a symmetrical result is just one facet; long-term maintenance of the replacement teeth introduces a challenge with no straightforward solution. This is especially true when opening precise spaces for the teeth becomes a complex task.

Enter the story of a charming young lady who diligently adhered to all recommendations, from wearing functional appliances to using elastics and retainers. A comprehensive 2 year plan, her commitment paid off, resulting in a unique and naturally appealing look that she genuinely values. While she didn’t seek perfection, the achieved outcome comes remarkably close. Image 5, shows the definitive replacement of the missing tooth with fibre reinforced composite bonding. Although the existing space isn’t quite large enough for an implant, future refinement through orthodontic measures may be pursued as she ages to create the necessary space.

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