Openbite, tongue guard

Treatment Time: 12 Months
Brace: Metal Fixed and tongue guard, quadhelix
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HE 56770_5
HE 56770_6
HE 56770_7
HE 56770_8

A gap between the upper and lower teeth, as illustrated here, is often associated with thumb sucking. Despite the presence of typical indicators, there was no relevant history in this particular case.

To address the issue, we agreed to use a tongue guard, facilitating the natural movement of the teeth to close the gap at the front of the mouth (openbite) within a span of 7 months, all without the need for an external brace. The absence of closure would have suggested that the openbite was rooted in the jaw structure, presenting a more complex challenge.

To refine the treatment and enhance stability and perfection, we applied a metal brace. Bonded retainers were then affixed to preserve the progress and solidify the outcome.

The concluding black and white photograph was taken at our Gants Hill studio, capturing the poised and self-assured demeanour of a 12-year-old. The maturity displayed in the pose renders this image one of my favourites, captured right at the end of a one-hour photoshoot.

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