Protrusion Correction, gum disorder

Treatment Time: 13 Months
Brace: Metal
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Teeth drifting due to periodontal disorder
Teeth drifting due to periodontal disorder
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In 2008, this gentleman leading an important team approached our clinic with a concern which resonates in me to this day. I asked him what would be the main gain from treatment.  He said, “I feel people are looking at my teeth rather than listening to me. I would like this to change” His work involved managing an important team. Despite being keen to start, braces was not the immediate solution. His teeth had drifted out of position over some years due to gum disorder. This had to be stabilised with the help from Nick Vyas, a specialist periodontist.

After 10 months we were ready. We designed a custom-designed braces with balance, efficiency and a gentle touch.

The last image was in 2023 was his fourth review visit – over 12 years post treatment. Only now can I call it a success. This reflected our philosophy of ‘minimalist perfection’ – delivering exactly what is needed on the pinnacle of perfection – nothing more nothing less.

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