Teeth sticking out in a young girl

Treatment Time: 12 months

Functional Harvold Brace

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Moderate to marked protrusions in children deserve attention for a few reasons:

  1. The aesthetics and possible affect on their development of confidence or self esteem.
  2. Teeth are more prone to damage due to trauma and follow complication with the management.
  3. Intercepted at the right stage, the changes are rapid and remarkable. This window of opportunity gets smaller with increasing age and can be markedly difficult age 15+.
  4. Some may add affect on mouth breathing, facial development, nasal blockages, sleep disturbance, mental development etc etc. We take a more practical view as alarmist overtones is not a good start off point when it is not backed up by evidence based research.

The orthodontics was completed in 12 months and was stable into her teens when permanent dentition treatment is considered.

Most Memorable moment/s: Her lovely smile on meeting at the first visit and meeting her father.

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