Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding, also known as composite bonding, is the process of refining the shape and size of a tooth using a highly durable material.


What is Cosmetic Bonding Used For?

Cosmetic Bonding is performed at our clinic upon the request of our clients. It is an additional enhancement to the treatment which refines the shape or size of a tooth. Clients who are looking for that perfect 10/10 result will opt for cosmetic bonding, as it allows our orthodontists to add the tiniest details onto the final result.

The high quality materials we use are tested and chosen by Dr Patel himself, though years of experience, meaning only the finest treatment is given to our clients. Dr Patel works with each client individually to find the perfect shade for your needs, to give a beautiful but natural look for your teeth.

Dr Patel will perform a detailed preparation on the tooth to reinforce the long term stability of the cosmetic bonding, giving it more durability. Using a technique found only at FIRST Ortho the cosmetic bonding is reinforced by being fused to the fixed retainer – furthering its strength.

Cosmetic bonding is a much less invasive procedure than having crowns or veneers fitted, which makes it a very popular option for those looking to give their teeth the final touches as their treatment comes to a close.

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