Functional Braces

Functional braces are a type of removable appliance that is particularly useful for those who are still growing, making it an ideal choice for children or teenagers.


What is a Functional Brace?

Functional braces are used to treat an issue known as overjet – in which the upper jaw protrudes exceptionally jaw over the lower jaw.

These appliances are made up of 2 removable pieces, one for the upper jaw and one of for the lower. These parts interlock, which gradually advances the position of the lower jaw – correcting the bite issue.

A high level of cooperation is required for a successful functional brace result, as the appliance must be worn full time during treatment. This includes during meals and at night, although it is essential to removal the appliance to clean it. The only exception to this rule is during contact sports, where the brace must be removed and placed back in following the activity. A detailed overview of how best to have a successful result will be discussed with Dr Patel upon your visits.

Following successful treatment with a functional brace, clients will then move on to a fixed brace – which will be used to align the teeth and correct any minor bite issues remaining. Information on the various types of fixed braces can be found on our treatments page.

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