FIRST Ortho has helped you achieve your perfect smile, but what next? Our hand made retainers will help keep your teeth aligned with an unmatchable level of retention.


Bonded and Removable Retainers

Here at FIRST Ortho, we go above and beyond with retainer quality. Our orthodontists make each bespoke retainer in house, so you know that you are getting only the best. Our bonded retainers cover 8 of the teeth, as opposed to the standard 4-6. Both the retainer and the bonding are composed of high quality material, meticulously fused to the teeth for a level of retention only found at FIRST Ortho.

Removable plastic retainers offer flexibility and convenience. Being removable, they allow for easy cleaning. Plastic retainers are used to maintain the arch shape of a set of teeth, as well as protect against teeth grinding at night. Removable retainers can be used as realigners, for if the teeth move slightly. Regular usage will shift the teeth back into place. Retainers can be made especially for teeth whitening.

Bonded retainers provide continuous support, as they are permanently affixed to the back surfaces of the teeth. Teeth are prone to moving back into their original position over time, but with a bonded retainer this risk is greatly reduced.

By using both types of retainers in tandem, you can enjoy the combined benefits of both. This dual approach provides comprehensive retention and minimises the risk of teeth shifting. By utilising both bonded and plastic retainers, you can effectively preserve the results of your orthodontic treatment and maintain a beautiful, straight smile for years to come.

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We understand that choosing an Orthodontist is a major decision, so we offer new patients a 60-minute consultation to discuss what you are looking for, and how we could possibly help you.

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