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People trust FIRST Ortho as we have treated 36,000 patients since 1988, including 60 children of local dentists, seven dentists and four cosmetic dentists.

"He's so Passionate About What he Does"

"The outcome far exceeded any expectations that I had"

A Big Difference in Just 2 Weeks

"If You see a Dentist, You Have to Come to the Best"

"He's Amazing, so Friendly, so Welcoming"

"Dr Patel gets to know you on a personal level"

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I personally recommend him
Paris Rathore

Dr Patel has been my orthodontist for years and I personally recommend him as he is the best at what he does. How he cares for your teeth and the excellence in the whole orthodontist surgery itself. I now have a baby boy, who I will also be bringing him to see Dr Patel in the future and he will also be his patient for life like me.

Life-saving for my teeth

If you are lucky enough to be assigned Jay Patel, a sensational orthdontist there, then worry no further as you are in excellent hands. The advice & tips given was life-saving for my teeth and guided me on Proper Oral Healthcare. 10/10 Orthdontist, defo recommended!

So welcoming & very thorough

So thankful for all of Dr Patels care & service. Wonderful clinic where all staff are very kind and helpful. I just can’t stop smiling & laughing without feeling self conscious of my teeth. Can’t thank Dr Patel enough!! BRILLIANT

Thank you for helping me feel so much more confident

Dr. Patel was amazing from start to finish, very thorough in his explanation of the best options and the benefits and drawbacks. Thank you evolution for helping me feel so much more confident and doing an amazing job! 

The service his clinic provides is top class

I now feel so confident when I smile and I’m like a different person. The service his clinic provides is top class, he clearly takes pride in what he does and wants his customers to have a positive experience. I still visit the clinic for annual check ups and I am still singing his praises to this day!

Very excited and pleased with the results

Dr. Patel knew what and how to adjust at every visit and my expectations were set at the beginning. I have now completed my treatment and am very excited and pleased with the results. Its the first time in some time I smiled freely and confidently thanks to my straight teeth!

I’ve known Mahesh Patel for over two decades, as a discerning cosmetic dentist I only work with the best specialists, this is why I refer my patients to ‘First Ortho’.

Unmatched Expertise: Our team consists of highly skilled orthodontic specialists who possess extensive knowledge, experience and insight in orthodontics as well as experience in managing joint cases with other clinics in particular periodontology, restorative dentistry, implantology and oral surgery. With our experience in approaching all treatments in a balanced manner you will be in the hands of the best professionals.

Exceptional Results: Our track record speaks for itself. Our attention to detail planning and execution ensure we obtain consistent remarkable outcomes in relatively short time frames. We is with experience and knowledge we can balance the treatment in providing a smile that not only looks beautiful but also promotes optimal oral health now just at completion but with the view that success in our eyes is based on long term results.


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